Dance Time

Time to dance!

Pick a Number and Be Active

Ask a parent/caregiver/sibling or a friend to give you a number from one to five and you use the table here to do the respective exercise

Walk, Brisk Walk and Jog: Inside or Outside

Lace up your shoes and give it a try!

Cardio Circuit

Are you ready to try a cardio circuit?

Let’s Get Moving

Use a deck of cards - pick a card and do the exercise listed.

Go For a Math Walk

With permission and following current COVID-19 protocols, go for a walk around your neighbourhood and look for math all around you!

Yoga Strength and Stretch

Go through each of these poses, hold each pose for 1 minute. After one complete round take a break and start again.

Four Corner Lunge Burst

Learn to do the Four Corner Lunge Burst!

Go for a Math Walk: Round Two

Go for a walk around your neighbourhood and sharpen your math skills!

Chair Burst

Today, we'll use a chair in our exercises!


Are you ready to get active and dance?

High-Intensity Interval Training

Ready to try High-Intensity Interval Training?

Take the Jump Challenge

Set aside two 15-minute jump challenge breaks throughout the day. Challenge yourself with a selection of different jumps described below.

Deal A Workout

Using a deck of cards, pick a card and do the exercise listed.

Choosing a Healthy Recipe

Lots of factors affect people’s food choices and eating habits, including food preferences, beliefs about ethical food choices, allergies, or even basic food skills. Find a healthy recipe that you would recommend to a friend your age who is just learning to cook. If possible, make it for your family this week.

Dance Like Nobody's Watching

Dancing can be one of the most freeing forms of self-expression and creativity and great exercise! Find some music that you enjoy or which brings back a memory and let yourself go!