Wassily Kandinsky

In this activity, we'll learn about Wassily Kandinsky.

The Dot

The Activity: Start by reading The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds

Heart Art

Using a heart shape or by drawing your own heart on paper, cut out a heart about the size of your hand.

Partner Art

Find a partner in your house that you can work together on a fun drawing game with. You will each need something to draw with (pen, pencil, marker, crayon, etc.). You will also need one piece of paper to collaborate together on.

Earth Art!

Many art sculptures and pictures have been created using rocks, sticks, leaves and other natural materials. Go on a hike or search your yard for items you can use to create an art piece. Be creative in your design.

How to Draw!

All you need is a pencil and paper and you can follow along with these videos. There are simple instructions for drawing some silly objects.

Build It!

Find some items at home and be an architect or an engineer! Create a structure using Lego, building blocks, recycling materials, books or whatever you can find.

Silly Faces Art

Collect some magazines, flyers and newspapers around your house. Use the pictures and print to create a silly character. It can be a portrait or a full-body creation.

Picture and Colour Collage

Find some old magazines, scrap coloured paper or flyers to cut from. You also need paper, a pencil and glue.