Close-up image of a pink flower on a blue background

Georgia Totto O’Keeffe was an American artist. She was known for her paintings of enlarged flowers and attention to detail.

Now it is time for you to create a detailed image of something around you. Your drawing can be of anything inside or outside of where you live. The key is to zoom in on the object.

What you will need:

  • two sheets of white paper
  • a pencil for drawing
  • pencil crayons, paints, pastels or markers
  • the object for drawing

Getting started:

  1. Take one sheet of paper and cut it in half.
  2. Now fold one paper in half. Cut out the middle. When you open the paper it should look like this paper.
    White piece of paper with the centre cut out is laid over an image of a flower, focusing on the centre.
  3. Place your frame over your object and draw what you see on the blank paper.
  4. Once the drawing is complete, add the colour.