SES 4U, SVN 3M, SVN 3E – Earth Science

In collaboration with the University of Waterloo, and the Earth Sciences Museum our Outdoor Education activity for Earth Science Students focuses on groundwater resources. The program is now a full day. The morning is spent conducting a field study at one of our sites learning how to use seepage meters, calculating stream flow and discussing how water moves between the surface and sub-surface. In the afternoon students work in one of the labs at the University of Waterloo logging a soil core and exploring an interactive groundwater model. At the end of the day students take a tour of the Earth Science museum and labs on campus for an overview of current research in Earth Science. This program will introduce students to several aspects of Earth Science (both practical and academic), taking a particular focus on local issues regarding our groundwater.

Key Concepts:

  • Ground water as a resource
  • Sources of contamination
  • Hands on example of how it works and the tools commonly used to measure

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