Step by step instructions to plan your trip to Wrigley Corners!

1. Book a bus through STOCK transportation.

Schools are responsible for booking buses to transport students to and from Blair Outdoor Education Centre.  Email Brenda at Stock Dispatch: (preferred) or call 519 742-6224.  The board contract with STOCK stipulates that buses are guaranteed for outdoor education trips so there is no need to stress about not being able to get a bus.  The cost for the bus is covered by Learning Services.  Please complete the form Off Campus Excursion Category 1 IS-11-FA and plan for a 25- 30 minute drive to reach Wrigley Corners.

2. Responsibilities:
– Book Buses
– Print out and bring appropriate program handouts
– preparation of students regarding program expectations
– student behaviour and discipline while on the trip
– participation in program with students
-ensuring students are dressed appropriately for the season and have a nutritious snack or lunch
-lunch time supervision

Centre Staff
– communication with schools and teachers regarding bookings, program planning and expectations, and organizational aspects of the trip, typically 6 to 8 weeks prior to trip
– safety, program delivery and leadership on the day of your visit

3. Inform Centre Staff of any important medical or behaviour issues.  Of particular importance are life threatening allergies that require an epipen or other medication.

Administrative Procedure 1460 – Administration of Medication: Off-Campus Excursions:4.1 –  Staff are reminded that medication to combat severe respiratory problems (e.g., asthma) or potentially severe allergic reactions (e.g., bee stings) should accompany students on field trips, especially outdoor education excursions.4.2  If students are divided into groups when on a field trip, the medication should be transferred to the adult group leader. The classroom teacher or field trip leaders should ensure that the Outdoor Education Centre staff are aware of any students who might be at risk. Staff should also be informed as to whether the student is capable of self-administering the medication/EpiPen or whether he/she requires adult assistance.

4. Other things to consider:

Proper Dress:
Please ensure that students and volunteers are dressed properly for this trip. We go out in most conditions, though rescheduling or cancellation may be required if steady rain/snow and/or high winds are forecast. Trails are hilly and often icy, muddy and slippery. Most hikes typically last one and a half hours and students must spend at least some of that time standing still. We have some winter boots and jackets available for loan, as well as several rain jackets, but not enough for all. If you think that students are not dressed properly and may suffer as a result, it is your decision to disallow certain students from attending.

Recommended clothing for cold/wet weather:
– warm sweater and windproof jacket
– rain coat with hood
– warm socks and waterproof boots
– hats, mitts and scarves
– long underwear, ski suit and/or snow pants

Cancellation due to bad weather:
Trips are cancelled if schools are closed and/or buses are not running. In cases of extreme weather (heavy rain, extreme cold, smog) you or your Principal may choose to cancel a trip. We will reschedule if possible. Centre staff may also make such a recommendation if deemed necessary.

An active day outdoors requires a lot of energy. Please emphasize the need for a good breakfast at home and a nutritious snack or lunch for your break. Please help us to reduce throw-away garbage by bringing reusable and recyclable food and drink containers.

We do ‘Boomerang Lunchs’, and ask the students to take their garbage home. We do have recycling and composting facilities but everything else must go.

The Centres have large urns for providing hot water. You may choose to bring, or have the students bring, hot drink or soup mixes. There is also a microwave available upon request.

There are no vending machines or other food services at the centres.

Materials and Equipment:

Teachers may be asked to copy worksheets for their students.  Worksheets are found in the program descriptions page for each activity.  You will be provided with print masters if necessary.  It is helpful if students bring their own pencils/pens, but not required.  Clipboards are available at each of the Centres.