OYAP Graduates Speakers’ Bureau

If you’re a WRDSB grad or are graduating this year and would like to share your OYAP/Co-op skilled trade experiences with others, please consider joining our Graduates Speakers’ Bureau.  This will provide an opportunity for past program participants who have become apprentices or journeypersons to choose to serve as mentors or ambassadors of the program at various events and forums.

Join the Speakers’ Bureau

OYAP Advisory Committee

The role of the Advisory Committee may include the following:

  • Analyzing local labour market information to identify local community partners for OYAP placements in high demand trades and in trades that are aligned with
    student interests;

    • Highlighting local high demand trade opportunities for students/parents
  • Designing effective processes for recruiting and selecting OYAP students;
  • Developing and implementing strategies to recruit employers;
    • Identifying and recruiting potential high demand trade community partners
  • Marketing the program (and trades opportunities) to students, parents, educators and the community;
  • Evaluating program performance;
  • Identifying, developing and recommending success-based strategies to align student expectations with:
    • OYAP and apprenticeship program processes,
    • Requirements to advance (if desired) in the selected trade beyond the OYAP program, and
    • Future projected labour market demand and earning opportunities in the selected trades.

Advisory Committee members may include/be a member of:

  • Employers/Employer Associations;
  • Chambers of Commerce;
  • OYAP coordinator/DSB supervisory officer;
  • Secondary school teachers / school counsellors;
  • Technological education lead/consultant/coordinator;
  • Student Success teacher/lead;
  • Regional Planning Team (SCWI) members;
  • Current OYAP students and graduates;
  • OYAP Graduate Speakers’ Bureau;
  • Employment Ontario Service Provider;
  • Parents/school council;
  • Industry Education Council;
  • Special Education Advisory Committee;
  • Community agencies and associations;
  • Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology;
  • Local Training Boards or Local Employment Planning Councils (“LEPCs”);
  • Trade unions and associations;
  • Marketing or other functional experts;

Email David Pope to request to join the OYAP Advisory Committee.