Interested in a career in a skilled trade?  You’re in the right place!  Students can become registered apprentices and work towards becoming certified journey persons in a skilled trade while completing their secondary school diploma.  To start your apprenticeship all you have to do is take Co-op.

If you are a student who:

  • Learns best by doing;
  • Enjoys working with your hands;
  • Shows a strong work ethic;
  • Demonstrates a courteous, positive, and responsible attitude;
  • And would like to explore career options while attending high school,

Then OYAP just might be for you!

To be eligible for OYAP, you must:

  • Be at least 16 years of age and be in either Grade 11 or Grade 12;
  • Have successfully completed 16 credits;
  • Be a full-time student;


OYAP Connecting Students Guide