Should students have their own tools?

Students are not required to provide the tools of the trade while an OYAP student. There is a Loans for Tools Program available after graduation to help apprentices buy tools and equipment to
perform the tasks of their trade.

What are “Red Seal” trades?

The Red Seal endorsement on a journeyperson’s Certification of Qualification confirms that the person has achieved a nationally recognized level of competency in the trade. The Red
Seal also means that the journeyperson is licensed to practice his/her trade in any province or territory of Canada. Many “Red Seal” certificates are also recognized internationally. For
more information about the Red Seal Program, visit or speak to your Co-op teacher.

What do students need to qualify for OYAP?

  • Be at least 15 years of age
  • Have at least 14 credits
  • Be mature, dependable and punctual
  • Be committed to learning a trade
  • Be willing to meet employer and school expectations
  • Demonstrate commitment to education while working towards Ontario Secondary School
    Diploma (OSSD)

How is attendance monitored?

Students are responsible for calling the training supervisor and the Co-op teacher if they will be late or absent from the workplace. The teacher maintains records along with the student logs.