Benefits to Student

  • Eligible students can take college or apprenticeship courses that count towards their OSSD and a postsecondary certificate, diploma, degree or Apprenticeship
  • Tuition FREE college credit and no cost for textbooks
  • Students benefit from the supervision and support of their college instructor and the dual credit teacher
  • Courses can fulfill SHSM requirements
  • Helps make a successful transition to college or apprenticeship programs
  • Helps increase awareness of the various college and apprenticeship pathways available
  • Students gain greater insight into education and career planning decisions.

Benefits to Schools/Community

  • Schools can use Dual Credit to enhance student learning (we are working to increase offerings)
  • Schools can use Dual Credit/SWAC to re-engage students who need a fresh start
  • Student stays on the school’s rolls and if applicable count toward SHSM numbers
  • Linked with COOP, Level 1 and CAPP can offer a more streamlined transition for apprentices to trade jobs

Who Is Eligible

Students may be eligible if they are:

  • at risk of not graduating from high school
  • enrolled in a Specialist High Skills Major
  • enrolled in the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program
  • returning to high school to get their diploma
  • interested in exploring career pathways, including apprenticeships
  • looking for help with the transition to college or an apprenticeship program

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