Program Info

SWAC is a partnership between the WRDSB and Conestoga College. It is a full-time program that provides students with an opportunity to earn compulsory and elective courses toward their OSSD in an alternative student success room at Conestoga College. While enrolled, students may also complete Dual Credits (college credits counting toward OSSD). The primary focus of the SWAC program is to support students who are disengaged and underachieving with the potential to succeed in an adult learning environment.

Eligible Students are

  • Between 17 and 21 years old
  • Need up to 8 credits
  • In grade 12 or 12+
  • Disengaged/not attending

*The SWAC program is available at the Waterloo and Doon campuses of Conestoga College.


  • Opportunity to try college courses in a variety of subject areas
  • Fresh start in an adult learning environment
  • Resources to complete OSSD requirements
  • Monthly bus pass
  • Students are issued a Conestoga student number and have access to a college advisor for future planning
  • Student get FREE textbooks, uniforms, and equipment for Dual Credit Courses
  • Access to fitness programs
  • Can access college career planning support
  • Can access college application support
  • Can complete a college application FREE
  • Can access college counseling and upgrading services

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Daily Agenda (sample)

9:15-9:30      Good Morning

9:30-10:45     Independent Study Period 1

10:45-11:00    Break

11:00-12:00      Independent Study Period 2

12:00-12:30     Lunch

12:30-1:30     Flex Period


Weekly Schedule (sample)


Support SWAC students through WEFI

Funds go directly to students in different forms: nutrition programs, health & wellness items, and off-campus opportunities.

Click here for more information about the Waterloo Education Foundation and to donate.

You can direct donations to SWAC through the WRDSB alternative education site U-Turn.