July 6 – July 17 



*Eligibility: Grade 12 (1 credit remaining) others if seats are available.




  • This course provides an examination of various theoretical explanations of criminal and deviant behaviour including the sociological, biological and psychological perspectives. Criminological theory is related to various types of criminal activity. The reality of crime in Canada including victimology is examined through crime statistics and correlates of criminal behaviour.


Cyberpsychology: Self and Others in a Wired World

  • The study of what happens to the human psyche, human emotions, behaviours, ‘selves’ and group dynamics when engaging with online technologies. Students will be introduced to theories and research concerning online technologies and how online technology changes us, and influences our attitudes and behaviour.


Digital Imaging (Photoshop)

  • This course will introduce students to still image manipulation techniques using Adobe Photoshop. Students will learn how to input their own captured images, or those from digital sources and manipulate the image for various digital or print outputs. Tools and commands covered will include colour correction, image fixes, multi-image compositing, layering, masking, adding text and effects.