Before Program Begins


Students indicate their interest by completing our Google Form.

  • Students will be contacted after their form has been received
  • Students will be contacted when they have been accepted (timelines do vary between programs)
  • Students will be registered as part-time college students and scheduled in their classes
  • Schedules at the home school may need to be adjusted to accommodate the college classes.
  • Students will be contacted a few weeks before the beginning of their class with details and instructions
  • Students will be contacted the week of their scheduled start


Classes are held on a college campus and are scheduled by the college so high school timetables may need to be adjusted to accommodate the college course.  Below are the most common ways we typically recommend integrating Dual Credit into a high school schedule.

  • COOP is the best option and is scheduled at the home school
  • Students may take 1 or 2 classes at the home school with arrangements to be excused for their college classes
  • Students could be scheduled in student success or resource classes and be excused for their college classes
  • Students could pair Dual Credit with eLearning


  • Communicate with your guidance counsellor
  • Apply early.  Seats are limited in some programs and some require interviews (ie. Level 1)
  • Check your school email regularly after submitting the google form
  • Schedule a PLAN B at the home school in case spaces become unavailable
  • SHSM and OYAP students should plan ahead for this opportunity

Sample Schedules

Early Childhood Education

September – December

ETT – Construction

September – December


May – June

CAPP Sample Schedule

Level 1 – Brick & Stone

March – April

LEVEL 1 Sample Schedule