During Program

A Dual Credit teacher will be a student’s main contact and support for all things Dual Credit.

  • We meet students at the college for every class and track attendance
  • We can support students when in class or in their classwork

What are classes like?

  • Trades classes are mostly hands on but can have a classroom or theory component
  • OYAP Level 1 programs are a mix of theory and shop work 5 days per week and full days
  • College pathway classes are mostly lectures with a few assignments or a midterm and final exam
  • Online classes are through ZOOM (only during pandemics)
  • Students may be expected to use eConestoga (D2L) to communicate and submit work
  • Students may be with other secondary school students from other school boards OR grouped with college students or apprentices


  • Attendance is crucial.  In some cases, two absences can mean removal from the program.
  • Assignments are due on the due date and zeros are given
  • Reliable computer and internet is important
  • Show up, do the work on time (these are real deadlines), and you’ll do fine
  • Regularly check email