Building a Reading Life: Day One

Goals: Build a personal reading list, Make a plan for when and where you will read every day

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Create a “Little Library” With Your Child

Challenge your child or children to build a personal mini-library of books or other things to read (or listen to) they would like to read at home and share with others in your home.

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Listen to a Book

In this video, Todd Parr reads The Don’t Worry Book. Worrying doesn’t help you. If you are worried, talk to someone you love about it. It will make you feel better.

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The 1-10 Card Investigation

Learning goals
Develop and apply problem-solving strategies through investigations
Develop and apply reasoning skills to make and test math predictions
Communicate mathematical thinking orally and visually

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Fraction Number Search One

Discuss the following image with your child – what fractions do you see represented?
How many different fractions can you find?

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How Many?

Julia’s dog had 10 puppies. Julia bought 2 beds for the puppies to share.
At night, Julia checked on the puppies while they were sleeping.

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Patterns, Patterns Everywhere

Help your child create the following repeating pattern using buttons or any small objects.

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On lit aujourd’hui!

Junior French Immersion
Vas sur le siteweb:

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Math Grades 1-3

Math Grades 4-6

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