These are examples of different shapes you may see around your home

A variety of three dimensional shapes, including rectangles, cubes, cylinders, pyramids, and triangles.

You are going to go on a shape hunt!

You may choose to do this inside or outside your home. Once you have collected your shapes it is time to become an artist and create a fun collage of what you have found.

Things you need:

  • the objects you have found
  • a sheet of paper
  • crayons, markers, paints, pastels or pencil crayons

Getting started:

  1. Look at the examples of different shapes. Now it’s time to start your shape hunt. Collect your objects to draw. You may collect as many as you would like.
  2. Next, draw the objects you have found on the sheet of paper. Have fun and be creative with your drawing!
  3. Finally, colour your artwork.