Wassily Kandinsky

In this activity, we'll learn about Wassily Kandinsky.

Perspective in Art

Use lines, shapes, colour, value to lead a viewer’s eye.

Monochromatic Heart Art

Monochromatic images use one colour and add shades of grey or white to show variations of that colour. Notice how the pinks in the picture above start dark at the bottom and get lighter by the top.

Art Galleries of the World

With so many students learning from home, many art galleries have opened their doors virtually. Take a look at some of the galleries around the world that are sharing their works of art for students to see from the comfort of your own room!

Shadow Tracing

Find a space where there is light coming through a window. Lay a paper down and create a shape using toys, objects or some of your body.

How to Draw!

All you need is a pencil and paper and you can follow along with these videos. There are simple instructions for drawing some silly objects.

Texture and Shading

Turn a simple shape into a three-dimensional object.

Photo Letters

Photograph or draw your name at home using everyday items.

Picture and Colour Collage

Find some old magazines to cut from as well as paper, pencil and glue.