Connect with Nature

Our Outdoor and Environmental Education Centre specialists – Al, Levi, Nate, and Sean – are back and they need your help to protect beautiful Monarch Butterflies!

Over the summer, they would like you to help them find Monarch Butterflies and the milkweed plants that they depend on. When you report your findings, they will use the information to decide where to plant more milkweed in the fall. Your school may be selected to be a Monarch Waystation, where milkweed is planted, as well as other flowering plants that provide nectar for adult Monarchs. There are twenty-eight thousand Monarch Waystations in North America, but only one in Waterloo! With your help, they can make at least a couple more.

Poster titled "Monarch Life Cycle" with photos of each stage of life of the monarch butterfly - egg, larva, pupa, and adult - arranged in a circle clockwise with a photo of a blooming milkweed plant in the centre.

To find out more about the Monarch Butterfly and how you can help, visit the Monarch Madness website. You can even earn badges based on what you find! So get out there and enjoy all of the life stages of the beautiful Monarch Butterfly!