Junior Scientist

Do you see any animals, birds, or bugs when you're out and about? Take a moment to observe what it’s doing.

Face Off

Make a face that expresses a feeling and ask your child to make a face that expresses the opposite feeling. If you make a happy face, they should make a sad face.

Shadow Play

Using a light or the sun shining on a wall or the ground, show your child how to hold up their hand and make shadows. Make different shadows together, like when you both hold your hands up, and talk about what you both see.

Counting Walk

As you walk, ask your child to pick a landmark, like the next corner or an upcoming sign, and count how many steps it takes to get there.

Body Bridge

Invite your child to crawl under the Body Bridge you make with your legs. Can they fit?

Wacky Walk

Going on a walk doesn’t have to be ordinary! Take a Wacky Walk with your child outside or around the house. Every five steps, take turns changing the way you walk.

Math Munching

At mealtime or snacktime, create math stories with your child: “Imagine you’re a hungry bear and these crackers look yummy.”

Tube Towers

Collect used, clean toilet paper tubes and encourage your child to build a tall tower with them. Ask him questions like, “How many tubes can you stack until the tower falls over?

Hop, Skip, Or Jump The Line!

Make a line on the floor with coloured tape, string, or use the lines in the sidewalk.

Scavenger Hunt

Make a list with your child of things to search for around the house that involve the five senses—things you can see, taste, smell, hear, or touch.

Indoor Sound Search

With your child, go on a search for sounds inside your home. Encourage them to close their eyes and describe what they hear in each room.