Glass Half Full

Sometimes it's all about the simplest things. Whenever we’re struggling, it’s great to go back to basics.

Rhyme Zone

You can play this rhyming game anywhere, anytime. Think of a fun word, then let your child come up with another word that rhymes with it.

Measure Me

Your child is building a strong foundation for learning when you help them understand how one thing, like string, can stand for something else, like the length of their arm.


Asking “wh” questions (what, where, when, who, why) helps your child learn to focus and pay attention to the details of the story as well as use critical thinking skills.

Beat And Repeat

Play “Beat and Repeat” anywhere. Create a beat with two claps. Can your child copy it?

Your Child's Menu

Take turns talking about what is for dinner tonight.

Slow Talk

Have fun with your child by talking slowly and stretching out words and sounds.

Memory Moments

Retell a favourite family moment with your child. Start by saying something like, “Remember the first time you climbed the ladder at the playground?”


Invite your child to play Opposites with you.

Number Adventure

Encourage your child to go on a number adventure.

Slow Motion Mirror

Mirroring actions helps your child focus and use self-control, and encourages flexible thinking.