Waiting Strategies

Waiting for something? Waiting can be hard. Help your child come up with strategies for waiting.

Feeling Words

With your child, pick a word describing a feeling (joy, surprise, grateful). Take turns talking about experiencing those feelings recently, such as “I was grateful when you hugged me.”

Calm Down Kit

Using an empty shoebox or another container, have your child put special items inside that help them calm down, like a book, a favourite toy, or piece of clothing.

Take Three To Watch

Take three minutes today to watch your child. Pay attention to what they look at, how they move, what they sound like, and what they are learning.

Stress Busters

During a calm moment, invite your child to come up with their own ideas for managing stressed feelings.

Love Connections

Take turns talking to your child about love connections. “I love you as much as a bee loves flowers.”

Creative Cuddle

Cuddle up and ask your child to tell you a bedtime story, either one that is familiar or one that is new.

The Don't Worry Book by Todd Parr

In this video, Todd Parr reads The Don't Worry Book. Worrying doesn't help you. If you are worried, talk to someone you love about it. It will make you feel better.