Trucks, Buses And Bikes

When you’re on the move with your child (or even looking out the window), play I Spy.

Clean-Up Time

Time to give away some of your child’s clothes? For each item, hold it up and ask them, “Is this too small for you or does it fit?”

Dance Duet

Let your child pick a fun, fast song to dance to. Take turns making up dance moves. They can start, then you copy your child.

Once Upon A Rhyme

Can you and your child tell a rhyming story together? Pick a word like “boat” and start with a sentence like, “I saw the boat float.” See if they can then make another rhyme like, “The goat won’t float.”

Play Spaces

Help your child find different places to play in your home. It can be in a corner or you can create a space together with pillows.

Cleanup Rethink

Cleanup time? Think about where things go, and see if your child can come up with some better places to put their things.


Help your child develop routines around eating times, playtime, and bedtime. Help them make a chart for what they do when they wake up: Get dressed, check. Eat breakfast, check.

Stack The Snack

For today’s snack, give your child something they can stack or line up, such as crackers or apple slices. Let your child pick what they want to stack first.

Finding Faces

Do you have extra magazines or newspapers? Encourage your child to point out the faces they find in the pictures.

Toy Time

When helping your child pick up their toys, make up stories about them, “Let’s make up a story about what your toys do when we put them away. What happens to this stuffed animal?”