Winks And Smiles

Smile at your child, wink at them, and encourage your child to copy you. When they can do this, then ask them to do the opposite—if you smile, then they should wink and if you wink, your child should smile. See how long you can have fun playing this game.

Same Letter Sentence

Choose a letter, and see if you and your child can think of a sentence using as many words as you can think of that begin with that letter.

Snacky Shapes

During snacktime, let your child make shapes out of their snacks by rearranging them into things like a circle, a stick figure or anything they can think of! You can take turns making shapes and guessing what they are too.

Trick Rhymes

Play a rhyming game with your child. Start by saying words that rhyme, like “green,” “clean,” and “mean.” Then say a word that doesn’t rhyme, like “boat.”

Picture Conversation

You can create personal stories for Owen using pictures that you find in newspapers and magazines. Encourage him to choose a picture and together make up a story based on what he sees.

Word Of The Day

Come up with a word of the day, like “play.” As you and your child go through your day, point out moments or things you see that remind you of the word of the day.


Does your child like to say “no” a lot? You can play No/Yes to turn a negative time into a fun time.

Animal Rhymes

During a calm moment, invite your child to come up with their own ideas for managing stressed feelings.

Asking Questions: Why?

As you clean up with your child ask them questions. “Where do you think the pot should go?

Name Two

Choose a category, like animals. Going through the alphabet, help your child think of two animals that start with “A.”

Texture Tryout

Experiment with your child using safe textures on their skin. Ask: “Do you feel the fluffy pillow? How does it feel?” Pause and wait for them to respond.

Story Of Surprises

Make up a story of surprises.

Animals Fast and Slow

Name an animal and ask them to tell you if it is fast or slow.