Tradespeople are needed across the workforce

The skilled trades touch almost every aspect of our lives, from the way we move, the places we live and work, and even  the very food we eat. Each trade requires hands-on work and specialized knowledge as workers build and maintain our society’s infrastructure. 

Though we generally think of skilled trades as construction or manufacturing related, there are more than 300 designated trades in Canada and 1144 apprenticeable trades, spanning four very unique sectors of work. 

Construction is a multi-billion-dollar industry in Canada, and as development booms across the country, well-paying careers in the field are in high demand. It takes skilled crafts people such as electricians, carpenters, plumbers, and heavy equipment operators to build the homes, businesses, stores and schools our country needs.  

Second is the Transportation sector. Also known as Motive Power, tradespeople in this field keep us moving across this vast country. The sector offers students a very rewarding career as a mechanic or technician working on cars, planes, motorcycles, small engines, trucks, coaches or heavy equipment. 

The Manufacturing and Industrial sector features careers that allow the large-scale manufacturing of goods throughout the country. Whether it’s medical supplies, clothes, appliances, or high-tech parts for cars, this sector is important for keeping business moving across Canada. Career paths include millwrights, tool and die markets, and metal fabricators. 

Although perhaps not as well-recognized as the other skilled trades, the Service sector is just as important for the country’s economy and in helping Canadians enjoy better lives. Careers in this sector are often customer-facing, including cooks, bakers, hairstylists, and educational assistants. 

Current trends indicate that some Service sector positions are poised to be some of the most in-demand workers in coming years. A 2021 Labour Market Information Report from the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum noted that cooks, chefs, and hairstylists are in demand in almost every province across Canada. 

Consider a career in the skilled trades. Through the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP), the WRDSB allows you to test drive a job by taking specialized courses and participating in co-op placements. Learn more at the Board’s Pathway site