Not just for the factory

Tradespeople are needed across the workforce The skilled trades touch almost every aspect of our lives, from the way we move, the places we live and work, and even  the very food we eat. Each trade requires hands-on work and specialized knowledge as workers build and maintain our society’s infrastructure.  Though we generally think of […]

Skilled trades offer excellent careers for everyone

Whether you are a student thinking about life after high school or if you are contemplating a change later in life, consider a rewarding career in the skilled trades. There is an expected (and well-publicized) skill trade worker shortage looming, with some estimates predicting the shortfall of trades people to be as high as 40%. […]

Level 1 OYAP

Accelerated Level 1 OYAP Level 1 OYAP offers a select number of grade 12 students the very unique opportunity of accelerating an apprenticeship.  Two things are required to be considered for Level 1 OYAP: Be graduating in June and pursuing their desired trade after graduation A Registered Training Agreement (RTA) with an employer licensed in […]

What is an Apprenticeship?

Typically an apprenticeship is a post-secondary education pathway, just like College or University. It is a hands-on training program for people who enjoy learning by doing and earning while learning. By taking Co-op and participating in the OYAP program, you can potentially start your apprenticeship while still in high school! Employers provide about 90 percent […]

What are Skilled Trades?

When people think of skilled trades, there are many traditional trades that likely come to mind – electrician, plumber, welder, and carpenter, for example.  The reality is that there are 144 designated trades in Ontario.  These trades fall under four sectors: Construction Industrial Motive Power Service What are Red Seal Trades? The Inter-provincial Standards Red Seal […]