Class Description

Doon campus

Positive Psychology: Introduces the concept of wellness and provides strategies to develop a healthy lifestyle. Students explore stress-management, self-responsibility, physical fitness, nutrition, and social interaction, relationship between feelings and thinking and rationale for holistic health alternatives.

Cyberpsychology: (degree course) is the study of what happens to the human psyche, human emotions, behaviours, ‘selves’ and group dynamics when engaging with online technologies. Students will be introduced to current online technologies and how they influence attitudes and behaviour. Topics related to this concept include: beliefs about the self, identity formation, self presentation, social comparison, and interpersonal relationships (e.g., friendship development, romantic relationship development – jealousy and dating). Emphasis will be placed on applying social psychological principles to understanding behaviour in online settings, with particular ’emphasis on development of the self..


  • Textbook is provided