With an aging population and a healthcare system that needs to grow and prepare for the future, Conestoga College and Schelgel Villages want to help encourage and support the next generation of healthcare providers. This four-credit program will see Cooperative Education students placed at Schlegel Villages – University Gates seniors home in Waterloo throughout the week and enrolled in two college classes delivered by Conestoga College instructors at Schlegel Village.


  • Semester TBD
  • Monday – Friday
  • Four credits (2 Cooperative Education credits + 2 Conestoga College Dual Credits)
  • The Cooperative Education portion will be delivered and supported through a student’s home school.
  • Placements will be arranged at The Village at University Gates
  • Two college courses delivered by Conestoga College instructors at The Village
  • These classes count toward SHSM major credits


  • Cooperative education pre-placement will begin at the home school as per usual
  • Students will transition to Schlegel Village and will be monitored jointly by their homeschool COOP teacher and a Dual Credit teacher.
  • Modified schedule (e.g. integration) and assessments will be discussed
  • Textbooks and scrubs will be provided

Proposed Dual Credit Classes

1) Personal Support Worker: Professional Practice

This course introduces the support worker student to the foundational concept of being a professional including the role, responsibilities, accountability and scope of practice of the support worker as a member of the interprofessional team working in various health care settings. Relevant workplace legislation and the importance of following established policies and procedures, ethical principles and professional boundaries in a variety of health care settings will be discussed. The student will be introduced to the roles of the interprofessional healthcare team with a focus on collaboration using a professional approach to provide supportive person-centered care across the lifespan. Current issues and trends in the healthcare delivery system and their impact on the support worker role will be examined. A focus on communication and interpersonal skills, including observing, reporting, documenting, and transferring accountability essential to establishing and maintaining effective helping relationships with interprofessional team members, clients and family members will be discussed. Topics of neglect and abuse and appropriate responses for the support worker will be explored.

SHSM Major Credit in

  • Health & Wellness
  • Non-Profit (requested)
  • Business (requested)

2) Adult Development & Aging

The course is designed to introduce students to gerontology with a purposeful, integrated focus on the older adult from a holistic perspective. The student will identify and recognize normal aging changes, developmental tasks, geriatric conditions and syndromes, communication strategies, and assessment skills in the care of the older adult and their caregivers. Promotion and maintenance of health will be discussed and explored with respect to issues impacting nursing care.

SHSM Major Credit in

  • Health & Wellness
  • Non-Profit (requested)
  • Business (requested)