Myth: Skilled trade jobs are not stable.

Reality: Careers in the skilled trades and technologies can be some of the most stable. Currently, people with a skilled trade can often choose their employment because the skills shortage is so high. Unlike many other careers, a skilled trade is one of the most transferable in today’s global economy.


Myth: Skilled trade jobs are dirty and noisy.

Reality: While many people who work in the skilled trades & technologies work outdoors, not all of these jobs involve getting your hands dirty. Many of these people work with some of the most sophisticated computer equipment and technology today. The great think is that if you are the type of person who enjoys using your hands, or you’re interested in computers and machines, you are likely to find a career in this industry equally rewarding.


Myth: Skilled trade jobs are not challenging.

Reality: People in these jobs work with some of the most sophisticated equipment; they design and build sports cars, buildings and robots; their training is leading-edge; they constantly work on new and exciting projects; they need to be smart and able to adapt; these are jobs that require commitment. The average apprenticeship takes as long as or longer than it does to acquire a university undergraduate degree, and apprentices have the opportunity to earn while they learn.


Myth: Skilled trade jobs are low-paying.

Reality: Most people in the skilled trades & technologies earn average or better-than-average salaries.