Calming our Minds and Bodies: Yoga, Stretching, and Breathing Exercises

Today is “Your Choice” day! It is important to provide choice for children as it helps them to feel like they have some control over what they do. We want to teach children to have responsibility and to think for themselves. Learning how to make decisions is an important step in growing up and feeling a sense of autonomy and agency (a belief that they can do it on their own). Having strategies to calm our minds and bodies is important for everyone, and practising yoga, stretching, meditation and mindful breathing, can help us maintain our health and wellbeing.

The word choice printed in white chalk in the centre of the board with four white arrows pointing away from the word in four different directions.

Choice Board

You choose the activity that suits you best for how you are feeling today. Feel free to choose more than one.

Yoga Choices

Mindfulness Choices

Breathing & Guided Meditations