Class Description

Reuter Campus

CNC Programming: Students will be exposed to general machine shop practices, including clamping, cutting tools, speeds and feeds and as well as blueprint reading. The students use CNC simulator software to write a basic lathe and mill programs. The students will be exposed to industrial CNC equipment, set-ups and operation.

Machining: An introduction to the basic processes, procedures and applications involved in the operation of conventional machine tools used in a manufacturing environment. Exploration of topics such as saws, drilling machines, lathes, milling machines and surface grinders. Bench working tools, accessories and fasteners and routine housekeeping required to meet the government safety regulations, manufacturer’s recommendations and approved industry standards.

Doon Campus

Cabinetmaking: The student will explore basic cabinet design and construction procedures in accordance with government safety regulations and industry standards. Students will learn to work safely within government standards and equipment manufacturer’s recommendations.



  • Tools and equipment are provided
  • Students are provided with their first pair of safety glasses
  • Students will need CSA Green Triangle patch safety footwear